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Issue 1 (2021)

The Catalogue of Failures is an independent art publication that aims to re-situate instances of ‘failure’ within creative practice as both fertile and routine. The Catalogue acts as a device for generating conversations about creative practice, being an artist, accepted norms (and the unacceptable), worthiness, and value. A curated selection of artists’ failures (including the unexpected, the unruly, the uncontrollable, the accidental, things that were not-part-of-the-plan, and undesired outcomes) are decontextualised and encountered as unique and independent works. Issue 1 includes photography, somatic practice, painting, drawing, sculpture, illustration, and printmaking. Issue 1 is 48-page colour publication printed on luxury uncoated papers, with an embossed and foiled cover. Each copy is individually sewn with extra-strong red thread. Limited edition of 50. The price includes UK delivery.