Open Call

The Catalogue of Failures is an independent publication series that interrogates the notion of ‘failure’. We are delighted to invite contributions for Issue 2. 

The catalogue is currently distributed through a dedicated project website and Good Press. The physical style and format of the catalogue evolves with each issue, informed by its content. 

The catalogue is a device for generating conversations about accepted norms (and the unacceptable), value and worth. It is a space for vulnerability, admissions of failure, and humour, as well as a space for deconstructing or questioning failure, for embracing failure, and for resituating what failure could be. This is an experimental project and we welcome experimental approaches to the theme.

For Issue 2 we are interested in your experiences of failure: 

>> You may be an artist or creative practitioner with a failed piece of work, or experiences or instances of failure in your practice.

>> You may want to share a story or an experience of failure from your life.

>> You may experience failure because of systemic injustice.

>> You may have something to say about success and its relationship to failure.

Your submission can consist of any kind of printable matter, including photographs, drawings, film stills, or text. You are free to submit multiple works. Text should be no longer than 750 words, and should be saved as a JPEG or PDF.

Please send all submissions as high-resolution JPEG or PDF files to, with your name and format in the subject line (for example ‘Mary Oliver – Poetry’). Please include your name, website and a social media handle if you have one.

We look forward to hearing from you!